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Three generations

er dikt omsett til engelsk - av Dagrun Bennett - frå boka «Eit hus mellom andre».

(Den norske originalen er utdrag 4 under Eit hus mellom andre/Bøker.)

When he was three he lived with his grandmother for half a year because his mother had so little room.

In a dream one night he met his grandmother again - thirty-three years after the last time they met. He was without his father and mother, in the dream and elsewhere. Strangely, his grandmother was the same age as he, when they met again. They were in the graveyeard just below the house where she lived on the steep hillside in Molde. I am not a Christian, he said to her. You believed in Stalin, she said in her straightforward way. Her favorite son - he knew - his uncle, became a communist during the war. Two brothers of her ten siblings became Nazis.

In her old age, out in the world, she liked to look at people; her family saw this.

The last year his father lived ha did not want to talk about death with his son; it never happened, in spite of the problems the father had developed. Even though the old man saw that his son was surrounded by many friends and was the kindest, at that time, of his children. (That was how the father compared his children.) Perhaps the father thought they would meet again later; or at least they would come together in a good dream and talk to each other then? Perhaps he thought they would meet again and talk then?

(Translated by Dagrun Bennett)